Dear friend,
Good day!
Due to political and Covid-19 epidemic reasons, our country is facing the most sensitive period in 40+ years.
You can see from the news that student demonstrations have broken out in many cities, expressing dissatisfaction with the loss of freedom of speech with blank paper, and at the same time, there was a severe economic crisis.
But I believe China’s authoritarian policy will not relax, on the contrary it will tighten.
All of these below will lead to the delays in your order.
1.many factories have closed down because of bankruptcy.
2.many factories have given workers a very early holiday  because of lack of orders.
3.some factories have faced the problem of being blocked  and unable to produce due to the Covid Zero policy.
4.The traffic may also face the problem of blocking,
So we need to remind you that from 1st Jan to 15th Feb in China, there is a high probability that the factories in China will not be able to produce normally. And you only at most 1 month to prepare the inventory for the first half of 2023.
If you are sure that the current inventory will survive the first half of next year, please prepare in advance!
Talk to me if you have any needs!