Super S1  Automatic Male Masturbator ,is imperator product of AK series, which has been very successful in China and the East Asian market.nearly 10,000 sales per month! With unique design and stongest technology and functions. It has achieved high ratings from famous companies like Orion, Sinful, Wow Tech,BMS Factory,Platanomelon,HGC etc.
1. Hair Dryer shape– Original unique design,easy to hold and operate.
2. Automatic Thrusting -Max 300 times/min
3. Super Vibrating-2  super strong vibrators to stimulate.
4. Super Heating -38.5°C in 8 mins.,fast and safely
5. Drying function-Heating to keep the tunnel dry.
6. Easy to assemble and disassemble.
7. High-quality TPE material- realistic experience.

Product details:
Product name: SUPER series S1 automatic masturbator

Size: 196*88*216.5mm

Weight: 920g

Material: ABS, TPE

Built-in battery: 1200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery

Charging method: Type-C

Rated voltage: 7.4V

Rated power: 8.88W

Charging voltage: 5V

Charging current: 900mA

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: 1 hour

Thrusting speed: 120-300 times/min

Waterproof:: the body is not waterproof, tunnel is waterproof.

Working noise: less than 70 decibels

Check prices here: AK-MD-SUPER-S1